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Social writing platform
Harness the power of a revolutionary writing toolkit that streamlines your workflow with OSINT and creative social engagement. Gain critical insight into your characters and their universes through total immersion and participant observation.
Augmented fiction
Enjoy social media for your literary character and experience the world through their eyes. Our immersive dashboard system keeps you up to date with local weather, news, maps and photo streams, available in real-time and in imagined-time.
Visual and aural narration
Armchair cast a performing artist. Search for the perfect setting using our integrated location libraries. Build and share your photo albums and playlists for dynamic engagement.
Write collaboratively using our minimalist text editor and export to pdf in a visually compelling format. Stay connected with writers from around the world through web and Android.
Sync with your cloud platform for writing anywhere.
Available in light and dark mode for writing any time.
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Choose your nom de plume.
Enter a location or a topic of interest.
Instantly access crowdsourced updates to current events.
Enter universes for worldbuilding.
Follow characters and universes to receive their feeds on your timeline.

What is Tolstoy?

Tolstoy is a research and development toolkit based on 'method writing,' inspired by Stanislavski's system of acting and ethnographic frameworks.

What crowdsources are used?

Hashtags are scraped from Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Reddit, Tumblr and Google. More are on the way!

What if I am not using a real location?

If your location is not on a map, Tolstoy will pull data from user-generated internal sources for you.

Are social playlists tied to a specific service?

No, Tolstoy is multi-platform friendly, searching for the best available source across over twenty different providers.

Where can I find icons for my character?

If you have set a Played-By, Tolstoy will find you the freshest and the best pictures for you to use by performing an image search across platforms. You can crop and upload directly from the stream, or upload from your own storage device.

How many photo albums are available?

You can create as many as you like. Icons, people, places, inventory and live stream are generated by default.

Why is Google authorisation required?

OAuth is implemented for your convenience and for prevention of abuse. Your credentials are used for authentication purposes only and are not visible to other users. Tolstoy does not share any of your personally identifiable information unless it is required by law.

Is it possible to write anonymously?

Your writings are published under your chosen nom de plume. If further anonymity is desired, you may dissociate a character from your user account by enabling privacy mode.

What if I want to write privately?

Access to written material can be restricted to designated collaborators only. Such content's existence is referenced in timelines, but it cannot otherwise be viewed by the public.

May I delete a character?

Yes. Please note that deleted characters are not recoverable, although related writings may remain available to your collaborators. Deleted characters do not count towards character limitations and can make room for additional characters.

What happens if a universe is removed? Will I lose my writing?

Writings are assigned floating ownership, and original collaborators will always have access. A collaborator may delete his or her own individual posts, but the thread as a whole can only be dissociated from the user rather than deleted as long as there are other collaborators remaining.

Is Tolstoy available in languages other than English?

Absolutely! Educators have the additional benefit of copy-editing, which appear as timestamped commentaries. These can then be compared against the original writing in split pane view. Language learners may also choose to send flares of their target language.

What happens when a premium account expires?

Your content will not be removed, but they will be disabled per applicable restrictions. This is determined in order of chronology. You may choose to remove such content, or to have them reinstated by renewing your subscription. Universes and user cafés remain unaffected. *Vanity addresses do expire with 60 days of inactivity as a trial user. Your creations are preserved under their numbered UID.


one character
ten photos per album
join universes
join user cafés



up to five characters
fifty photos per album
create universes
join user cafés



unlimited characters
unrestricted albums
create universes
create user cafés



unlimited characters
unrestricted albums
create universes
create user cafés


* Toolkit includes live data stream, reference tools, social playlists, writing prompts, handwritten letters, collaborative text editor and sync/export, in addition to copy edits for educators.
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